Wilbur Plain


What is there to say about plain? Neither is it vanilla, nutty, nor chunky. It is all the other flavor minus the flavor, it is the base, but this plain is made using the chocolate ordered from Wilbur chocolate factory in Litiz, PA. For those who prefer an unusual higher quality of chocolate they probably are not accustomed to. Through experimentation of observation of my customers who do and do not like the Wilbur chocolate, generally speaking the younger crowd love it, but the elderly crowd greatly disprove of it as the chocolate as a different taste to what they are familiar with. 

per batch of plain calories:9577

from fat: 3607.5g

total fat: 392g=605%

saturated fat 215.25g=1111%

polyunsaturated fat=48g

monounsaturated fat=54g



potassium: 1080mg=36%

total carbohydrates:1483.7g=486.9%

dietary fiber:18g=72%

total fiber=38.5g=154%

sugars: 1404.2g



vitamin A=160%

vitamin d=72%



phosphorus= 72%

yield:4.5 trays, or 4.5pounds of fudge


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